Associations for museum professionals and conservators: 6 reasons to join


Associations have the goal of making our industry better now and for the future and it's important to have a voice in paving those roads. Is your conservation studio or museum part of an association? If not, you may want to consider being part of one. We've highlighted just 6 of many reasons to consider joining one.


Why join a conservation association or museum professionals association?

1. Breaking news

Stay up to date with the latest in conservation news and/or museum news. Keeping in touch with the current climate can help you stay on trend. You can also keep track of key players in the industry and learn from their successes.

2. Conferences

Gaining access to member-only industry conferences is a great way to get out of the studio with your team, visit museums or go on tours, hear inspiring lectures and more. There are also opportunities to get noticed and featured during award ceremonies.

3. Connect with other professionals

When you join an association for conservators or museum professionals, your network could be instantly doubled, tripled or even quadrupled. This gives you opportunity to collaborate with other people in the industry and form positive working relationships.

4. Further education

Most associations offer member-exclusive webinars, workshops, meet ups, podcasts, and other courses that provide opportunity for your team to continue learning. Some associations even look to their own members to provide these opportunities. If you have a niche specialty this is a great chance for you to share your knowledge to better the whole industry.

5. Resources

Exclusive resources are often provided to members like PDF downloads, books, or other digital media. Often there is an email or printed newsletter sent out regularly as well.

6. Benefits

Depending on the size of the association, benefits could be offered to members like deals and discounts to common industry businesses. This is a great way to cut overhead costs for your studio.


List of associations for conservators or museum professionals

American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works

Website  |  Facebook


Institute of Museum and Library Services

Website  |  Facebook


Association of Art Museum Directors



National Trust for Historic Preservation


Washington Conservation Guild

Website  |  Facebook


World Monuments Fund

Website  |  Facebook


Want to see more associations? For a larger list, check out the list from the Smithsonian Institution.