Our Art Storage Advantage


location advantage

B.R. Howard is located in central Pennsylvania, less than 2 miles from accesses to major interstates. Due to this unique location, B.R. Howard has been able to easily create and maintain successful working relationships with clients in major cities like New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington DC.


Cost advantage

Art storage facilities in big cities are generally limited in space and come with premium prices. With our convenient art storage in PA, B.R. Howard is able to make collections accessible on short notice without the city costs,  which allows the cost savings to be directed towards other institutional goals.


care advantage

The lab and storage area at B.R. Howard is occupied daily by conservators and technicians with many years of conservation experience. They have an interest in making sure the artifacts that are stored here are well maintained and secured. If needed, these conservators can make assessments or treatments in-house, reducing additional transportation expenses.


Art Storage FAQ

What can I store at your facility?

Our storage facility is large enough to accommodate historic vehicles and large sculptures. We also have ample shelf space for boxed artifacts and small to medium sized objects. We are also able to store paintings of various sizes.

What if I need to access my collection or object?

If you need to check out one of your objects, our conservation team is able to help you access your collection in the art storage facility during our open hours of 8am-4:30pm Monday through Friday.

How do I need to transport my collection or object to you?

You can either deliver your collection to us or we can arrange a professional transportation service to pick up your collection or object and deliver it to our facility. In some cases, our own conservation team may be able to retrieve your collection or object depending on its size and the availability of our company vehicles.

What if my collection or object needs to be stored in specific climate conditions?

Our team is able to accommodate most storage climate and environment needs. We have a professional grade monitoring system that allows us to monitor the temperature and humidity of our storage spaces right from our phones. When you contact us, please let us know what your collection or object requires and we will be happy to work with you.


Let us have the privilege of working with you.

B.R. Howard provides fine art storage in Pennsylvania for museums, organizations and government institutions across the country.