About this project

Concord Coach #472 belongs to the Barre Massachusetts Historical Society. In 1859, the vehicle was ordered by and built for Charles and Horace Smith who owned and operated a stage line based in Colchester, CT.  The large 12-passenger type coach went into service between Colchester, Providence, and Boston.


What we did

BRH was contracted to provide carriage conservation services for the stagecoach and remove heavy accumulations of dirt, grime, and darkened varnish layers that hid the original murals, decorative paint, and gold leaf schemes which had once been applied.

Aqueous cleaning gels were tested and used to perform the cleaning. Paint consolidation techniques were used for areas that were flaking. Fills and inpainting were used on areas where losses had occurred. The original interior textile cloth, lace, and leather components were also conserved and stabilized at our facility before returning the stagecoach back to the historical society.



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