Conservation and Restoration Services for Fine Art Insurance Claims

B. R. Howard & Associates, Inc. has over 25 years’ experience in handling art collection recovery from property claims associated with water damage, flooding, fire and mold. We are able to provide nationwide project management for emergency response of art collections, artifacts and architecture. Disaster recovery services include recovery/stabilization, proper art and artifact packing, transportation, and treatment implementation of antiques and fine art from start to finish. We also provide condition assessments and treatments to decorative architectural components of historic properties that have been impacted by disasters. BRH offers long or short term art and collection storage solutions until clients are ready to return to their property. All treatments and other related endeavors are in adherence to the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (AIC) Code of Ethics and Guidelines for Practice.

Disaster Recovery

Before repairing or replacing art as an insurance company, it is good practice to consult with an art conservator. An art conservation company will be able to help determine the condition of the piece prior to the disaster. Rather than completely replace the piece, an art conservator could provide fine art conservation repair services to return the piece to its prior condition and salvage the original art.

We have experience in handling art collection recovery from property claims of water damage, flooding, fire and mold. We provide assessments and nationwide project management for emergency response of collection recovery/stabilization and treatment of antiques, fine art, decorative architectural components and historic properties that have been impacted by disasters. 

Painting restoration

We are able to treat paintings that have suffered from mold, water or smoke damage. We have experience assessing paintings of all sizes including hanging framed paintings to room-sized wall murals. Each painting or mural undergoes scientific analysis in order to determine the best course of conservation treatment options. Samples and tests may be run to assist in determining the materials used for the painting and the order of which they were used. Our goal as conservators is to keep as much of the integrity of the piece intact. Our painting conservators can clean and remove disfiguring, yellowed varnish layers and repair tears, in-fill and in-paint areas of loss, and consolidate flaking paint using effective - but reversible - materials. 

Sculpture repair

Whether a sculpture is an over sized, outdoor bronze sculpture or a small scale indoor metal sculpture, our team is capable of assessing and treating it. Depending on the piece’s location and materials, common sculpture repairs often include patination issues, corrosion, cracks, breaks and flaking paint. We have the ability to clean, stabilize, chemically patinate, and recast or fabricate missing components. We currently hold on-going conservation contracts with the U.S. Senate and Smithsonian performing annual sculpture treatments in order to prevent issues and correct damages.

Architectural Preservation

Harsh winters and salty air can often cause major damage over time to a building’s exterior. Worse, hurricanes and floods. B.R. Howard & Associates Inc. has a vast knowledge and understanding of traditional building techniques and the material science behind them. This is crucial when developing and performing conservation and preservation treatments for these fragile structures. Architectural preservation services cover a variety of elements including decorative metals, facades, plasters, stonework, and various surface coatings or finishes.


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B.R. Howard was contracted to perform an assessment and conservation treatment of the smoke and water damage that occurred at Ringwood Manor.


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