About this project

BRH was awarded a multi-year contract to perform conservation treatments to sculpture and architectural elements at the Virginia State Capitol in Richmond, Virginia.

One conservation project focused on the life sized marble sculpture of George Washington carved by Jean-Antoine Houdon, and the 8 presidential busts located within the rotunda.


What we did

 The sculpture was in good condition with some minor chips and abrasions.  A light layer of dust and some minor areas that were discolored by grime on the surface. The cane was previously repaired in several locations, but the repairs were well done and appeared stable.

The sculptures were dry cleaned using a soft natural bristle Hake brush and a variable speed HEPA filtered vacuum was utilized to remove the dust that the brush lifted from the surface. Cleaning tests were performed using PH adjusted solutions in discreet areas of the sculpture. Aqueous solutions and solvent gels were then used to clean the areas of discoloration.

The sculpture was photo documented during the process and a treatment report was compiled for the client.