Meet Collin


The son of a seasoned conservator, Collin was always encouraged to embrace working with his hands as a child. However, he quickly found there was little need for coaxing because working with his hands came naturally - it was in his genes. He had a knack for figuring out how objects were put together and enjoyed the small details. Later in life he obtained a Bachelors degree in Science in Restoration Technologies where he gained a more broad understanding of the industry and found direction for his own niche in the field. 


Collin enjoys finding solutions for challenging and unique projects. He enjoys the constant flow of different types of work. One week he might be working on a sculpture, the next week a military tank, and the following week a baseball glove. Though Collin has enjoyed everything he’s ever worked on (and truly cannot pick a favorite), he really values the time he’s been able to spend working on WWI military artifacts and old transportation vehicles.


His formal school training provided him with a solid foundation for his career in the industry, but he found that some things can only be learned right on the job. Collin has encountered many scenarios where he’s had to be creative in problem solving and/or learn a totally new skill. For example, while working on a sculpture he learned the craft of lead welding, a lost art in today’s age.

When he’s not working, you can find him spending time at home with his wife and children or playing in a volleyball rec league.

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