About this project

The Detroit Historical Society contracted B.R. Howard for a conservation treatment of their Meier Clock after it had been vandalized. It had once been displayed at the 1906 Michigan State Fair and at the 1934 Chicago World’s Fair. The clock is set in a solid mahogany-carved case, weighing 2,500 pounds and standing 15' high by 7' wide.


What we did

The clock was disassembled, crated, and transported to our facility. All detached mechanical components were carefully labeled and separated from the fractured glass.  Bent and fractured mechanisms of the works were repaired or replicated in order to return to the clock to functioning condition. Fragments of the original dial were aligned for documentation in order to accurately replicate the dial. The 38” diameter face was replicated by water jetting 3/8” glass and the decorative water gilding and paint was applied to rear surface. The mahogany wooden bezels around the clock faces were repaired and other were or reproduced on a lathe. All scratches, gouges and splits on the carved wooden casework were repaired and toned to match original finishes. The clock was assembled to ensure it was properly functioning. It was then partially disassemble, crated, returned, and installed at the historical society.