Our difference

What makes us stand out from the rest? 


Many conservators specialize in a specific area like sculpture, paper, paintings, or textiles, which makes them helpful in certain scenarios, but not all. However, collectively our team has a wide range of backgrounds and skills which makes us capable of nearly any kind of project. Think of a military museum. Their collection may have hundreds of different types of military artifacts like grenades, tanks, clothing and radios. There could be objects of leather, metal, wood, and others. Military vehicles would require automotive mechanic knowledge and welding, while clothing requires the knowledge of textiles and skills of a needle and thread. The differences between each object is drastic. This project wouldn’t be possible by only a single specialized conservator and would be very difficult to manage if the museum hired 20 different conservation specialists to cover all the different types of materials in the collection. Because of our diverse team, we are able to simplify a project’s process by streamlining contacts involved to keep it running smoothly.



Our conservation studio is located along the east coast in central Pennsylvania, just a few hours away from some of the largest cities in the northeast. Because we are not in the middle of a large city, we are able to keep our art storage costs set at a competitive rate and our location makes it easy for accessing your collections. We are along I81, making us easily accessible north to south and along the PA Turnpike, making us easily accessible east to west. Our location gives us easy to maintain relationships with many of the greatest museums in the northeast.



Our services work together seamlessly, which provides a platform for us to work with our clients for the long haul. We’re able to grow alongside our clients as their collections grow. We value real relationships with the people we work with and it is important to us to provide services that cater to relationships that last. Customized treatment and maintenance programs can be developed for your collection’s needs. Assessments can be performed at regular intervals to ensure that maintenance treatments are meeting expectations. We’re even able to involve your staff in the process by providing training sessions so you’re able to assist or complete maintenance internally. We value long-term clients and hope the first time we work with you is not the last time.