About this project

Hershey Story Museum contracted with B.R. Howard & Associates to conserve and fabricate mounts for a collection of Native American artifacts to be exhibited. The Plains Indians, as they were collectively called, made up two differing groups that could be categorized as nomadic and semi nomadic cultures. The artifacts in this collection represent several different tribes of Native Americans that once inhabited the central plains of North America.


What we did

Though the treatment of these objects varied somewhat in methodology and depth, the overall process for each one was very similar. The objects were first cleaned using a low suction vacuum system. Where appropriate, the objects were also cleaned using deionized water and specialized cleaning solutions. In some areas of deterioration or breakage, reversible acrylic emulsion adhesives were used in conjunction with woven polyester monofilaments. Areas of corrosion were slightly polished and coated with an appropriate resin.

Glass beads were cleaned using either a slight enzymatic solution or other specialized cleaning product.

Material that had been lost was reproduced with permission of the curatorial staff using matching materials. Mounts were designed and fabricated for each object. Once complete, the artifacts were returned and installed at the Hershey Story for exhibition and a detailed reports on each object’s was generated for the client.