About this project

B.R. Howard was contracted to perform an assessment and conservation treatment of the smoke and water damage that occurred at Ringwood Manor.


Ringwood Manor is a National Historic Landmark. The surrounding Ramapo Mountains' rich iron deposits made the area a major iron supplier that became the home to ironmasters for over two hundred years. Ringwood Manor became a large summer estate for partners Peter Cooper and Abram S. Hewitt and their families. In 1938, the house, its contents, and the 582 acre property were donated to the State of New Jersey as a museum and a state park.

What we did

B. R. Howard & Associates was tasked with relocating the collection on the first and second floor and to perform treatments on sculpture, paintings, frames, historic objects, and textiles and rugs. Some treatment on the collection were able to be performed on-site and other object were brought back to our lab and returned after the interior cleaning, plastering and repainting was completed.


Architectural elements that were damaged and soot covered such as moldings, decorative plaster and cracked plaster, marble, and wall papered murals were also cleaned, repaired and conserved.