The benefit of business and art partnerships


According to a study by Americans for the Arts, 53% of businesses value arts partnerships. Business and art partnerships can be beneficial for both the art organization and the company. In fact, the Partnership Movement provides 8 good reasons why these partnerships are a good idea. These reasons include:

  1.  A business that is involved in the arts can be more attractive for potential employees.

  2. Businesses who are involved in the arts say that there is an increased name recognition by 79%.

  3. A business' message can be featured in new and engaging ways.

  4. Arts bring a different layer of creativity to critical thinking and problem solving.

  5. The arts challenge employees to be their best.

  6. Partnering with the arts creates an atmosphere of creativity.

  7. Giving employee appreciation gifts of the arts are a great way to show your staff that you care.

  8. Partnering with the local arts is like partnering with the whole city economically.

An art installation at Aspen Skiing Company

An art installation at Aspen Skiing Company

If you are just getting started with partnerships between art organizations and companies, The Partnership Movement has created a Creating Partnerships with Small and Midsize Businesses guide, which can be found here

Examples of business and art partnerships

Art on the slopes - Aspen Skiing Company in Colorado welcomed an art installation to their mountains that engaged skiers eyes and ears. The Colorado Business Committee for the Arts (CBCA) brought recognition to this project at its 25th Annual Business For the Arts Awards.

Scrap metal becomes employees’ media for expression - The Wagner Companies in Wisconsin, a metal manufacturer, encourages their employees to use the metal scraps from the production line to create metal works of art. This small act is not only resourceful, but also gives the employees an outlet for creativity and to embrace their artistic talents. Perhaps one day this venture could even turn into a new service at the company!

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