About this project

BRH was awarded a multiyear contract with the Virginia State Capitol to provide ongoing conservation treatments to decorative architectural metals, sculptures, and fountains on the grounds and within the historic complex.

Virginia State Capitol

Virginia State Capitol

What we did

Some of the conservation treatments were on the decorative bronze lampposts that were designed by Thomas Jefferson and large bronze seals located on the steps outside entrances. Green corrosion had formed on areas of the surface giving them a splotchy, uneven appearance. The localized corrosion was reduced and stabilized before chemical patinas were added to visually reintegrate these areas with adjacent surfaces. Protective hot wax coatings were applied to the surfaces and buffed. Cold wax coatings followed. Ongoing inspections and maintenance are required as all coatings eventually begin to fail.

BRH provided the client a detailed conservation report and treatment recommendation guidelines to be utilized to for future conservation efforts and budgetary planning.